Monday, December 20, 2010

the year of change

i was thinking of doing a recap of 2010, but then i quickly realized that the year is not over yet and there is still time for new things to happen. so, instead i feel inspired to write about things i hope to gain from 2011.

first thing is first, i want 2011 to be a creative year for me. i've spent most of today reading the blog 'a beautiful mess' and it has made me realize that people have taken their inspiration and ran with it, and it has given me inspiration to do the same. instead of letting my inspiration leave me, or simply write about it, i'm ready to do something with it. i'm not sure if it will be making things, getting a deeper love of thrift store shopping, or making my next apartment home, but you can trust that something will come of my inspiration, and i'm so excited! i may even make an inspiration journal, inspired by the blog i previously mentioned.

isn't that an adorable idea? it's a way to figure out your own personal taste so you can go back and inspire yourself. i've been doing that for ages just by saving pictures i like onto my computer, but if i could get that inspiration in a physical form, it'd be wonderful.

this year i also want to be healthier, but stick to it. i plan on cutting down on fast food, cutting out soda, and taking vitamins regularly. i've cut out soda before, and my self control has grown that i really think i can do the others. i will try to exercise, too, but i do not plan on making any extreme promises that i can't keep.

here is a strange goal for 2011, but i want to devote less time to sleep. i want to wake up in the morning excited for the day, not eager to go back to a dream. i want to have more late nights, whether they be filled with drives or long walks. i want more adventure in my life, and i won't settle for anything less. i'm going to be reunited with passion this year, reunited with life. this drab time in my life has made me forgot, and i plan on remembering.

i'll be in a better place this entire year, i'll be genuinely happy this entire year - those are both things that i can be certain of.

this year will be full of changes and surprises, so here is for my one last resolution - i plan on refalling in love with Ryan Wade this year. don't misunderstand, i have yet to fall out of love with him, but we are older now. it's been three years, and this year will only be different. we are becoming older, and we are constantly changing, and i am extremely excited to always get to know him again. half of this year will be spent not living with each other, and the other half will go back to normal - and it will all be wonderful.

the whole next year is full of mystery, and it's full of excitement. i don't think i have ever been as excited for a year as i am for this year. 2011 will be another year for the books, i can already feel it.

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