Sunday, December 12, 2010

I apologize for the few shortages of this blog, and how much I feel I have ignored this blog, but here's a list.


- i danced with my boyfriend tonight in front of a ton of people. there was jazz music playing, and i have not felt this happy for so long.
- whiskey is my new favorite drink, as i feel pukish
- diamondinthedark is an amazing girl, and no one should have let her go. you will find so much better, i promise. AND, we are hanging out when i get home. i know you're younger, but we are so similar. i'm excited to see where our friendship can go.
- i am so very in love with a ginger boy named ryan. but to those of you who are not in love, i am slightly sorry that i am, and i can only hope that you find this someday. everyone deserves to find this, and i really have naive hope that everyone will find this someday.
- no one in the world has ever understood me the way ryan wade has. the way someone can word what i'm feeling, when i can't even find the words. who can figure out what is keeping me trapped in head, and help me find my way out.
-the past two days someone has told me how perfect ryan and i look together. how we fit. thank you.
- tshirts make the best pajamas
- i don't know what i believe in, in this world, i really am just going day by day.

hey world, i'm happy, and i love you all.

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