Sunday, December 19, 2010

there are a few things on my mind, and you can already expect this not to be well written. i'm annoyed with the world, or with certain parts of the world. i'm annoyed with certain parts of myself. there are too many hormones in my system and its effecting my train of thought. i've been getting better at controlling them so the outside world is not effected, my inside my mind is a completely different story.

i am tired of people who like to pretend to be grown up, who go and complain about their lives on any possible social networking site. they complain about how lonely they are, how much they hate their parents, what all is going wrong in their life - and these people are supposed to be high school graduates. aren't they supposed to be growing as individuals? instead they are trying for any cheap shot of sympathy. yes, we all need empathy and compassion, but you should not beg for it. i wish my generation was a stronger kind of individual, but they aren't. if anything i feel as though my generation is the weakest yet. fishing for sympathy, and compliments, and never maturing.

here's a catch - i don't feel like i'm above those individuals. if anything, i'm just as immature as all of them, but i don't show it. i don't know if that is because i care about what people think, but i don't. don't misunderstand, i let a sad twitter slip eventually, but not in hopes of someone @replying and saying how they feel for me. i'm more immature in other ways. for example, i can't fight and half of the time i don't think rationally. ask ryan, he'll tell you. i'm annoyed with myself for another reason as well, for a year now i feel like i've been trying to find myself, or create myself, but i don't know why. i get those moments where i don't need that, then others where i need to be more like myself.

this is a rant, only a rant. i feel like all i can ever do is rant.

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  1. Laura you're so hard on yourself and I understand, I do it too. But you shouldn't get mad at yourself because you're hormonal, you can't really help that. You're a wonderful girl. As for the "finding yourself", you're getting there dear, you are. You're an amazing young lady that is like no one else in this world, you should be proud of that.
    Always here to help,