Wednesday, April 20, 2011

capturing lost feelings

i'm sitting here with city and colour in the background with so many words floating through my mind. i'm trying to keep the feeling i felt during 'body in a box' at coachella. i loved coachella, but i don't think it was for the same reason every around me did. i got fucked up, and i enjoyed it, but that wasn't the highlight of it. i loved the music. i loved singing like no one was watching me, let my arms and legs move the way they wanted. i loved screaming when a favorite song came on. truthfully, i could have done the weekend sober and had an equally or maybe even better time.

just give me a good band, a good feeling, and a nice day. i don't need the people. i don't need reassurance. i don't need a fucked up state of mind. i just need a good day. a happy day. why can't that be enough for everyone?