Sunday, December 26, 2010

chriiistmas is over

christmas is over, and i am happy to say that it was wonderful. although i must admit, my real christmas happened on tuesday. ryan and i had a beautiful stack of wrapped presents in the corner, and no parents to tell us we have to wait till christmas morning, so our inner children took over. our bed was in our living room (all due to moving), but we did have a cute little plastic christmas tree and christmas lights hanging on the walls. we also smoked a christmas blunt afterwards, with the stocking stuffers i gave ryan. it was magic and a very 'us' christmas.

i don't want to be too materialistic and talk about presents, but i do want to mention the two adorable pairs of steve madden flats, a pendulum, and my mom gave me my own bead kit! i've been eying all three of those things for ages, especially the bead kit. my mom has this wonderful collection of beads that she has collected for most of her life, and i've missed not having it to play with or make bracelets out of. it's neat to know that i now have my own to start, my own collection. it just falls into place with my new years resolution of creativity.

recently i've moved back home, and i won't lie and say it's not strange. as much as it is strange, it's really nice, too. i'm excited to not have school for a little over a month, but am focusing on finding a job. there are a few positive chances through my parents, and i do think that being a hostess may be in my near future. a job change will be nice and refreshing.

thrift store shopping and trips to the fashion district with my momma are also in the near future. i'm excited to get to see my friends, have late nights in my trailer, and smoking sessions in front yards. it will be interesting to actually make an effort to see ryan, and actually go on 'dates' where i get picked up instead of us just leaving our apartment. it's bittersweet, but i'm hoping it will be more sweet than bitter.

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