Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it could all theoretically be a mistake, a very large mistake. we got away, but we are choosing to go back? nothing feels right here, either. where i work makes me miserable. the school i go to makes me lose even more faith in my generation. ryan hates it here, too. he possibly even hates it more than i do. he can't seem to find anything that is worth saving, or worth remembering. i always am able to find something, but that's just the person i am. i'm scared of a lot right now.

if i could chose anything, anywhere for my life to go right now, i know where it would go. i would move to seattle, washington. i know, i know, i know. 'you only love it there because of your boyfriend', but you're wrong. something about that city is calling me, and it might be years before i finally get to call it my home, but i want to. i want to so badly.

these thoughts need to get out somewhere besides a blog, but a journal, or a blog, or writing is the only form of release that i have until he gets home.

i'm lonely, and this is unedited. that is what this entire thing is about, not editing, not being afraid, or more so, not caring.

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