Saturday, January 8, 2011

we are already a week and a day into the new year, and i definitely entered the new year with obligations, like most grown ups do. i like to think that so far i've handled it pretty well, and really i'm not taking excuses this year. things are being handled, and that's a definite positive thing. the only negative i can find is that my cell phone fell in the toilet, and my computer is not connecting to my families internet, so I have been MIA from all the sites I enjoy, but that is going to change.

here are a few positive things i can already find in the year so far:

- my outlook is more positive. i feel like getting my old optimism back is just slightly out of my reach, and i know it's going to happen soon.i'm making myself taking a few steps in the right direction, even simple things like drink more water, stop biting my nails, let myself be creative, say yes more often, and don't forget to laugh. it can seem cheesy, but cheesy has kind of always worked for me.

- friendships are building, and i feel like now is when we make the friendships that last forever. yes, it is wonderful to have those childhood friendships, but at this age we know what they mean to us, and we know what we want and the type of people we want in our lives. i'm looking forward to some wonderful late nights these next 7 months.

late at night i always feel so excited for the mornings. i used to only need a few hours of sleep and i kind of am hoping that i get that back. be able to stay up late with the quite nights, and rise with the energetic sun. i want to have the entire day, and entire night. make use of every minute, whether it's on an adventure with my favorite person, or a quite moment i've stolen for myself with the right song playing in my car.

while i start taking advantage of my days, i'm also going to start becoming more creative. i have it in me, i just need to let it out. my mini-home is coming along nicely, and it looks more like my kind of home than last time. i'm excited to go to the fashion district with my mom in a few weeks, shop around and haggle. very soon, within the next few days, i also want to find some good thrift stores around here. walk around and admire all the forgotten items that could turn into something that could be loved again. there is also talk of getting a booth at the local farmers market with my mom, selling our homemade jewelry and soaps. there is no possible way that this year will not be filled with creativity, adventure, and change.

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