Sunday, January 23, 2011

late night excitement!

within the past two days i can proudly say that i have gotten my first tattoo, gaged my ear for the first time, and finally have created my own etsy shop! it took 22 days, but finally creative juices are flowing, and i'm fairly certain that they will not slow down any time soon.

first thing i want to elaborate on is my first tattoo. it's still a little bit red and puffy in the picture, and i know a touch up will be in my near future, but just the fact that it is there, permanently on my body, and it is a sign that change is coming. i know lots of people get bird tattoos, and they usually stand for freedom, and i feel that, in a way. but personally my birds representing me breaking out from a wall that i have built in my personal life, and it will be a constant reminder to keep working at it. and i must say, after getting this one, i cannot wait to get more.

second thing that i must elaborate on, is my new etsy shop, 'tea @ noon'. it is going to be a handcrafted jewelery store, and i am also extremely tempted to make it a partial vintage shop once i get my thrift shop on again. there are many ideas in the works for my little shop, including jewelery hangers, necklaces, bracelets - all handcrafted, and made with love.

and tomorrow it's time for coffee @ ten. everything is looking up.

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