Monday, January 17, 2011

slowly but surely, is that there is no right time for anything, there is just now, this moment, at this time in your life.

most of all, there is absolutely no time to be afraid, no time to second guess, and no time to stand there and wonder.

there is, however, time to be understanding, compassionate, time to listen to those around you, and for me personally, think about my specific action when i'm heated and in the moment.

i'm at a special kind of crossroads in my life right now, and i don't have to chose either way to go. i can turn down one road for a while, turn around, and try the other. i'm growing as a person, and as a woman, and i can honestly say that i feel like i have grown more this year, within the 17 days of this year, than i might have all of 2010. i'm on the tip of all my potential, and i just have to take the leap, jump off of whatever i'm holding onto.

stick around. handle the lengthy posts, and mild bursts of random inspiration, and eventually this blog will be something. i'm not going to label it yet, because the beautiful desert day is telling me i don't have to yet. i don't have to do anything yet, but i'm doing everything.

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