Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what's the point?

i stopped caring and trying a few months ago. funny thing is, this isn't in a negative since at all. i didn't stop caring about people, and i didn't stop trying to live or trying to be happy. i stopped caring about whether people had an idea of who i am or not, and i stopped trying to explain myself on all those wonderful social networking sites that we all seem to be so enthralled with.

truth be told, it was the best decision i've made in a while. it relieves so much stress when it doesn't matter if someone goes to your facebook and has any idea what you're interested in. if your pictures fit their square box image of what you're supposed to be. it's freeing. it's freeing not to care and not to try.

i've still written in my blogs, and yes, i do still use facebook and twitter, but i don't care who stumbles upon them. i don't care if someone from way back in high school finds my facebook and wants to judge every little bit. i don't mind if a stranger stumbles upon it and decides i'm not up to par, or that i'm not interesting. i don't even mind if when that stranger stumbles upon it that they make up a wrong judgement of the type of person i am.

why? because these people don't matter to me or my sanity. all of these billions of people in the world and i honestly don't mind if half of them doubt the kindness of my heart, the point of my intellect, or the interest of my words. what do a few opinions matter in the grand scheme of things?

they don't, and i'm perfectly happy with that knowledge. now, you should be, too.

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